Crabbing Day

Ganji, Micheal (Ganji’s fren), domdom, Mad Girl, Pearl & myself went to Peel Inlet at Mandurah to do some crabbing while visiting Pearl’s Aunt Sussan. Its about 70km south of Perth.

We went to Macdonalds for breakfast, then drove for about one and a half hours to reach there. On the way there, we stopped at a petrol station and that’s where domdom got some literary play-input-boy. For lunch, we had Crab Burgers from the crabs Aunt Sussan caught. Just some Butter, Crabs, Lettuce and tomato sauce. Yumm…

Then off to our first leg of Crabing. Unlce Herald (whom we found out used to work at Ford in UK.) drove the little boat out from the canal from the back of their house. First we needed some bait for getting the crabs, so we went to the deeper end of the inlet to catch some fish, any would do actually. We caught lots of Blowfish (there is one pix where Pearl caught one of them), there were so many of them and it was so easy to catch. Ganji even tried catching them with no bait. When you bring them out of the water, they just inhale alot and become a small defensive rubber ball, this way, the thorns on their bellies will start to point out. Took a knife and POPPED!! them. It sounds just like popping a plastic bag full of air. The ideas is to get the blowfish’s guts sticking out and the smell would inturn attract the crabs. Weird how they can smell in the water.

Now we went to the shallow end of the inlet, as you can see from the pictures, the water only came up to almost our groin but as Ganji had to pee, the water came up to his hips. haha…

The process of crabbing is kinda scary, cuz you have to be near the crab in order to scoop them up, but the thing is you know they have claws and they move fast in the water. So when you miss and kick up the sand on the seabed, you know that the crab is freaking out and is in that murky water you have just created. Anyway we caught a few then went back to the house, that’s when Pearl the chef cooked, Bubor Hitam & Curry Chicken. Yumm…

When we were at the house, apparently it got quite boring, hence we found our own entertainment and feed ducks, seagulls and pelicans with the dead blowfish flesh. Pelicans are freaking big birds man, I think if they stood on the ground and stretched out their necks, they could be as high as any of us. They are quite gross, they basically just swallow any food you throw at them.

Anyway after a while we went out for the second leg of crabbing and this time we had to wear out jackets, cuz it started to get cold as evening approached.

We ate the Curry Chicken & Bubor Hitam and left for home after that. On the way back everyone was tired and driving was quite taxing. Michael’s car swerved left into the shoulder and we suspected the vehicle commander (domdom) was not doing his job. After some high-beaming and signalling in the darkness, we stopped the car aside and domdom took over to drive the 4×4.

It was real fun and I don’t mind doing it all over again.

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