In the earlier parts of my youth I was shouting out to be different, to be unique, to disassociate myself from tradition and to create and live in a somewhat new and different lifestyle. I never knew where I was heading, but I knew where I was avoiding.

Still being on an unending journey of self-identity, I question myself on the things I do and the life that I am living. Is it all worth it? Am I doing anything now that I will come to regret when I face my grandchildren? Will I face myself in an eternal turmoil of self reprimand and become a grumpy old man?

“The life which is unexamined is not worth living.” ~ Plato taken from

Self identity comes from respecting who you are, but who are you anyway? What is it in your blood that you can’t change and denounce? What do you represent? Who do you represent?

Currently I am holding quite a fair number of roles which I believe many are, spouse to my wife, son to my parents, grandson to my grandparents, brother to my siblings, cousin to my cousins, etc… student of my uni, part-time web designer to M Graber Consulting, webmaster to several websites, moderator to several forums, church goer of CNL and an ambassador for christ, etc…

I am also a descendent of the Pan genealogy and a proud citizen of my nation Singapore. I know who I am, I know where i come from and I know what I have to do. Do you?

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