the missing of Pearl

For a long time I have not been alone. Pearl is back in Singapore, but I’m still here in Perth. Its really weird, cause the absence of Pearl‘s constant singing and laughter have shown me what a quiet person I am when I’m alone. The only sound in the room is a soft monotonous buzzing sound from my computer.

I think I have grown a strong dependence on Pearl just being around and I am so used to her warmth and cuddles. The single bed that we squeeze into every night seems so huge now and when I turn over I can’t smell the fragrance of her hair.

The atmosphere in the room is cold and empty. I suddenly feel like an orphan left in a home, not looking forward for tomorrow, but only looking forward to go back to my family. A few days before I was excited to go back to Singapore, but now I am just excited to see Pearl again.

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