I’m a Singaporean

I’m falling in love with Singapore all over again. The people, the environment, the truly multi-cultural community and many other things that make a Singaporean, Singaporean. I actually wanted to take up an Australian PR and seriously thought over it for quite some time, but that only made me realise how much I really like Singapore and how important it is to me.

How I wish more Singaporeans would realise how blessed they are on this tiny little island and hopefully contribute to it in their small little way.

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  1. i’ve already realised how blessed i m to be born in singapore, compared to those countries where ppl are starving and etc..

  2. it’s nice hearing someone saying those words. We are blessed to have such a wondeful country.. i felt like going to Aussie to study for a few years until I thought about it and couldnt stand being away from Spore..
    anyhow, good for u. and wished more singaporeans would feel this way.. ^_^

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