Italy 2005 I

I’m now in Italy for a trade exhibition known as Cersaie which is held yearly in Bologna. I’ve got so much to wrtie, but don’t have much free time on the net and worst of all the keyboard here is so different. Anyway, will write another post with pictures when i get back.

If you want to see pictures of Bologna go to google to do an image search or Flickr is good too.

Fave Website of the moment

A List Apart

^ A List Apart

Being a web designer for quite some time, many people ask me what is my fav website and just for the record, currently its A List Apart. I followed it since the late 90s as it was one of the most consistent online publications that did alot of good for the budding web designer. So with its current look, unless you are really into site / information architecture, you might not be able to fully appreciate the site.

Stuff like friendly urls, CSS for print (do a print preview and you will know what i mean), simplicity, usability, little usage of graphics, no usage of tables, right menu bar (we are mostly right handed, so the cursor tends to be on the right), clutter free yet full of useful information.

Worpress Migration

I’ve finally moved to WordPress since i wanted to in early april this year. I’ve been on Movable Type since mid october 2001 and i have to say it served me well, but due to the high amount of spam and always having to rebuild, i really needed a change. Now after importing 728 posts, i’ve got lots of house cleaning to do, not to mention editting the templates and adding back all my LINKS! Please give me 1-2 days to get all the links back up.

This brand new WordPress template i’m trying to create shows the latest 2 posts horizontally and all other monthly and category archives are shown 100 pst titles per page. Yes the font is very small & i like it that way!

So i think i’ve come a long way for blogging, from a simple text file in late 2000 to newspro to greymatter to Movable Type and now to WordPress. The whole blogging scene have change alot this past 5 years and we see now average people with no programming skills having blogs. The classic saying “Content is King” is still very true, its the stuff people post on their sites that make their site happening, not the programming… Like how James Seng mentioned, its going to be interesting to see the development of the internet in the next 10 years.