unagi don dinner at home


Its been a very japanese week. We have been cooking tempura udon, unagi don last night and up next is cha soba. All thanks to Anne and Laurain for their jappy dinner influences. Having a wife that can cook is heaven sent. YES! that picture was taken at home, not at a restaurant.

To top it all, we went to Daiso (jappy $2 shop at IMM) and we bought 71 items. I think we are crazy, but i also think we need to go back there again real soon.

Crab Pasta @ Punggol


I’ve been having a craving for crabs lately and my chef of a wife made me this fantastic crab pasta for me for lunch. Wah Lau! I was very suprised, cuz when she asks me what i want for lunch i always respond “anything you cook i eat lor”.


I remember praying for a wife when i was in Sec 2 and i remembered requesting for a wife that could cook, but i never expected it to turn out this way. Thank God.