Hawk Occupation: Skateboarder

Hawk Occupation Skateboarder

I went to the city yesterday and happen to walk into Dymocks and to my awestruck amazement they had the book I was dying to buy for the past month Hawk Occupation: Skateboarder. I emailed the bookshop in my school about ordering this book for me, but they told me it would take about 3 months, so I gave up the idea.

“The next day, when I saw pictures on the front of various sports pages of skaters carrying me around cheering, I couldn’t help thinking what a contrast it was to regular sports. Essentially it was the other team that was cheering for me.” ~ Tony Hawk a day after landing the historical 900.

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Finally i managed to rip off parts of php scripts off others and now i don’t have to worry that the log will go on forever all in one page. You can see at the bottom that there are navigational arrows which can bring you back all the way to the first entry of the log.