bye bye eCircles

For users of, you might want to know that they have put up this notice on their site.

I regret to inform you that the web site will permanently shut down on April 15, 2001 and will no longer be available thereafter. The market downturn of the last 12 months made it increasingly difficult to cover the costs of operating the eCircles site.

If there is data in your circles that you wish to keep, please log on to retrieve it before April 15th. I’ve included instructions below.

We truly appreciate your patronage over the last several years and we hope you’ll continue to find ways to stay connected with your friends and families.

Prescott Lee
President & CEO

I personally am in 5, so its quite sad, that such a good service has to fold. Also will start charging in May 2001. I really think such free services should be kept free if they wanted to offered it free in the first place.

Enough rantings… I really want to commend these sites for the good they have brought the the internet users at large and that its such a pity that they have to go. will always have a place in my heart.

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