I am a camo fanatic, the Camo iBook at & the bunny at just proves that the camo pattern can really be beautiful. When I was in the army, I took pride in the camo slacks that I wore. I am not an obsessive patriotic soldier that is looking forward for action in military conflicts or a typical high-school-jock who has excessive concern for machismo. I just like it. Simple as that.
Camo somehow gives a sense of durability, a sense of being able to take abuse and yet still function as well. In society, how many people can take stress in work, lets not talk about abuse? I have seen examples in my brief 3 years working experience that there are so many people who have such a strong front, but when they come to the crunch the temporal-pseudo-I-am-king attitude just starts the initial process of having an out of body experience leaving the real I-am-a-bug-please-don’t-squash-me person behind. These people really suck! Whats wrong with the I-am-a-bug-I-have-weaknesses-I-have-faults person? I rather be with losers than hypocrites.

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  1. Hi, great to know someone out there loves camo. But for me my passion is just military camo. I’m a collector. It makes me excited when I see a military camo uniform for I see behind the pattern the effort that has been put in the design that a soldier depends on for concealment during survival as well as for creating fear during a confrontation. Like you, I took pride in my uniform during my NS days. Regards.

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