of Gays and Lesbians

I don’t usually visit funkygrad.com, but i am on their mailing list, and apparently there seems to be a topic Of Gays and Lesbians. So being curious what NUS students think i went to take a peek at how they were handling the topic and added the following post after reading all the replies

Gays & Lesbians” is a touchy topic as it is a well know gray area. Gays & Lesbians are after all humans and not matter what they have done, we should try our best to treat them as equals as nobody can say “i’m a better person than you“. I see alot of nice people on this topic and it is obvious everyone has a good heart.

Modernism is widespread, but some fundamentalist feel that such human advancement is a threat to our roots and that we might forget our cultures and traditions on the way to a utopian future. But how true is that when we still see filial piety, traditional festivals being celebrated, conservation of buildings, etc…

But on the topic of “Gays & Lesbians” how would you rate this movement as part of our human advancement? Like we all know its in the grey area.

If the concept of “Normal Distribution” is familiar to you, you would know that there will be a huge percentage of people classified as the “norm” and the minorities would be?? Outliers? Cool? Subnormal? Weird? Queer? Freaks? Personally I would not think that we should classify/stereotype people, cuz we are all individuals and made unique in our own way.

Humans are not even close to perfect as we can see from the major mistakes we have made as a collective whole, wars, hate crimes and not to mention terrorism. In my opinion of the current status on the topic of Gays and Lesbians, is that we are living in a backlash. Society have not responded well to this issue in the past and these minorities have not been treated as equals, hence the backlash of a generation of people demanding for a more humane attitude. But is this movement justified? Or is this generation of people going with the flow?

Human will” is our privilege and I believe that we can choose our actions, be it good or bad, to lead or to be lead, to follow or to think. If you or your friend is a so called “Gay or Lesbian” is it because of a warped and perverted fetish? A carnal sexual desire for the same sex? Or is it because of the issue of being a feminine guy? A masculine girl? Or are the hormones just going wild and causing confusion with sexuality?

I do agree that guys can be born feminine and that girls can be born masculine, but it is sad to see our society naming these individuals as a “freak“, “sissy“, “butch” and other degrading terms. Because of this shallow behaviour in society, it have caused these individuals to be cornered and have no choice but to label themselves as more acceptable terms such as “Gays & Lesbians“.

But back on the topic of “Gays & Lesbians” how would you rate this movement as part of our human advancement? Is it really what it is or is it a symptom of a degenerative generation?

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