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  1. hmm… an abstract illustration of life using water instead of tea this time round huh?

    lemme see… u drink water, i drink water, we all drink water… but only singaporeans drink newater… the act of drinking water is a communal activity… thus, u feel closer to all singaporeans?!?!


  2. just wondering, did u buy the newater just for fun to take a photo of it or did u really buy it to drink. since it still looks like it hadnt been open yet =)

  3. nickpan, u bought this NEWater? I don’t think so right?
    I got 2 bottles given to me FREE. Tasted it and it tasted funny. :/

  4. hmm….interesting way of recycling water…well…found out about this site becuz of a sCh prOjeCt lol… haha…

  5. cousin2, you out of Singapore for too long man… next time when you come back, you must try Newater. ;D

    Oh my brother got this bottle from dunno where… but i think can take from PUB at somerset. ;D

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