My mind has been very active lately and I’m starting to feel tired, I’m not sure if its because life is getting more complex or if everything is drastically getting simpler. Maybe it’s an anticipation of the transition period from married life to parenthood that is like frontal rain when warm and cool winds collide. Wife, Work, Kids, Life, God, Desire, Ambition, Love, Temptations, Memories, Anticipation, Anxieties, Ideals.

I think I need a holiday, then again I think what I really want is to work more. Maybe I just want to do the right thing, maybe I’m just trying to find out what actually is the right thing if there is ever such a thing.

Maybe it’s the instincts of wanting to be the bread winner for the family, to be the loving husband, the understanding father, the filial son, the dependable brother and the trustworthy friend. Maybe there is a deeper meaning behind everything that I thought I know so well, maybe my mind is tired, maybe my mind is in an endless and meaningless loop, maybe this is just how I can get rest from my tiredness.

Good night my world of Fairy Tales, I shall turn another chapter tomorrow.

6 Replies to “Tiredness”

  1. i guess what u have is juz a typical case of RIPMCIPPTDS…

    “responsibility-induced pre-mature midlife crisis in pre-parenthood/post-parenthood transition depression syndrome”

    …especially common among young parents to-be who habitually stare into image producing electronic boxes too often too long


  2. hey nic,
    hate to say this but once u hit 25 – its down hill… hence u tend to get more tired, put on weight more easily, and so on…..

    so must excersise, eat properly and take vitamins.

    The latter – is wat im trying to dev as a ‘habitual’ thing

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