alas my photos

I wanted to backup my photo files into a CD, but the CD Writer is on another computer, so i had to first transfer the pictures. During that “establishing” period, mysteriously my F: which i store my files and my G: which i store my games went MISSING! I’m glad my D: which i store my data is still there, but still MY PHOTOTO TO TO TO TOOS!!!

Now i’m researching about lost partitions, recovery tools, undelete utilities and other wierd stuff hoping to find a way to resurrect my photos which is in the F:. *sob* Just when i had time to do what i like, irritating stuff like dat happens… I seriously need some good IT support…

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  1. return your HDD to your original computer – don’t muck around with partitions and recovery software – and there it will be…. try instead to remove CD-writer from the OTHER computer and then attach it to yours.
    you didn’t state about whether or not you removed the harddisk or used a network a network – but I doubt networks like LAN will delete drives.

  2. i have 2 harddisks

    Disk 0 – C: & D:
    Disk 1 – F: (40GB) & G: (40GB)

    now my Disk 1 is showing F: only 10MB and there is no G: i think the partition information is corrupted. Any ideas?

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