the 3 Cs


Pearl’s sister had a baby girl (Carissa) in September, my sister had a baby girl (Chloe) in October, Pearl had a baby girl in Dec (Clié), so you can clearly see the baby boom in the family. They are all so cute. ;D

Clié stop doing the parappa moves, we are trying to take a picture here… wah lau out of 20 pictures, only this one looks okay, the rest was like one punching the other, one turning the other side, one crying… omg!

I’ll try to take one more in a few months time, then i think they will be really different by then.

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  1. Why all girls?

    But they can go to the same primary sch, sec sch etc! I think they will have loads of fun in the future!

  2. Hi Nick and Pearl,

    First of all congrats to the both of you!! Little Clie is adorable. The three girls are really cute! Must been quite an effort trying to take a photo of these 3 princesses har…. This Christmas would indeed be a Merry and Joyous one….All the Best, Hope to meet u guys n(gals) some time….

  3. hihi ~! First time here. Can’t find any guestbook, so i just drop my msg here.
    I like ur nice and simple site and can find lot of info thru’ ur links~!!
    One more thing, the baby is very cute ~!! >.<

  4. Truly worthy gifts from the Master Craftsman- the Giver of all Life.
    May you discover them to be a joy and a delight, even as they come to know their Lord, through you.

    ps. i guess you guys are now 2 Cs away from Nirvana as defined by Singapore

  5. cool page!! and wonderful babies, they are going to be so gorgeous. a gift from God for sure. that is so cool SOD call them SOD, September October December. God bless and keep cool.

  6. Congratulations! Clie looks really sweet. How does it feel to be a parent now? Take care…Hopefully I’ll be able to drop by Sing and come and visit you when I go back to Perth…provided if you are free of course…

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