Life in 2003

I believe will all my heart that this year is going to be the turning point in my life. Its not just because of Clié, Pearl my wife or any of those many important things in my life, but its just a strong gut feeling that this year is going to be an amazing year.

By the looks of my work and the things i can do and the things i’m going to do, i believe with all my heart, mind, body, soul and spirit that this year will be a memorable year. Sacrifices would have to be made, comfort zones will be challenged and many changes will be made. Its gonna be an adventure and i’m just glad that i have many caring people around me to give that much needed support.

Pearl is an excellent wife and i can’t say how amazing she is as a girlfriend, a wife, a lover, a mother and at the same time a colleague and a good friend. Guys if you are ever reading this mushy bit of my blog, but wish to read on, i’ll tell you a secret on how to get such a great wife… prayer, prayer with faith… keep praying and trust God that your prayers WILL be answered, i stand as a testimony.

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  1. hey nick.. thanks for that encouragement on the last bit… it’s wonderful and amazing what God can do with our lives… keep it up nick.. you’ve been a source of silent encouragement :) talk to u soon!

  2. for those who wants a good wife, see comments in blog…

    for the rest of us out there who juz want endless uncommitted/protected *ex, FOC, yet at the same time wants someone who does the household chores that a wife wouldnt…juz get a smaid… on how to get one at a reasonable price, pls feel free to enquire thru email:
    [email protected]

    ohh yah… i almost forgot…

    god bless 4eva~
    may u stay kewl and funky alwiz~


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