Design is such a powerful concept. Now just spend a few seconds and think about it. What does design mean to you?

Design is not just about aesthetics you know, It involves so much more than what you visually see. It revolves around experiences from different cultures, different usage, different mindsets. It can never be fixed, innovative and cutting edge design reinvents itself. To go even deeper, it touches on manufacturing, development, marketing, economies of scale, sales, philosophy, motives, lifestyle and almost what ever you can think of.

Graphic design, industrial design, web design, architectural design, packaging design, identity design, fashion design, diet design, lifestyle design and the list goes on.

People always say that to be creative, you need to think out of the box, but I never knew there was a box in the first place.

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  1. …but when you have a client who is sooo difficult to please..ur design is just stangnant. the boundaries are being set by that client. pffft!

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  3. haha…i agree with cousin-iamnotfrom blah blah blah…hoho…

    We cant really say there is any boundary or not. hehe…no definition at all

    whether subjective or not, whether there’s a limit or not >:D

  4. To me, design is to create something with a purpose in an artistic manner which earns appreciation.

    yes, boundaries can be designed. Boundaries are designed to enable the creator to have a better control over things for eg. filtering vulgarity from a forum.

    Design itself has no boundaries, limits are set by the factors outside design. Limits can be reduced through a more skillful execution which explains the existence of designers. However, a person who designs might not be a designer. It could be a child’s drawing which depicts great meaning. Design is subjective.

    Hey fake-cousin03,
    While expressing thoughts through the “graffiti”, I’ve seen from the preview that this forum does not support the actual drawing but I posted it up. THe purpose of doing that is to show a simple design being held back by restrictions and negative comment is one of them.

    I’ve done another design to undo my design. Since the wall is not here, tear my url and see how the original design has designed itself.

  5. design is stress.
    power. passion. play.
    pressure. infinity. limits.
    thoughts. graphics. sketches.
    rationals. irrationals. madness.
    appreciation. love. joy.
    fun. expressions. cultures.

    design is seeing what everyone sees
    and thinking what nobody thought of.

  6. i know nick but not his fren im a webby but not a guy…im a queen, out to destroy, from the empire where the evil triumphs. Discern the meaning n u shall find…

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