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  1. this is such an uber cool idea! it would be fantastic to follow your home’s transformation. btw how many square metres is it? wish i could have a look at what’s happening with ours too!

  2. Nick!! I read about u on the straits times interactive today. Havent heard from u in ages..surprise, surprise, i have a blog too..hahah..talk to you soon doode…

  3. btw, my house’s also 110 too! izzit your home sweet home a four-room flat too? well…i pray my turn to own and design a house of my own will come true in the next 2 years…hoho…

  4. hey nick!!
    lovely place u go there! ahhhs.. surreal.. is it facing anything? :) like open? heh i love the houses tt face the sunset :)

    was looking thru ur photos
    1. 20 Jul 2003 : red wall along the staircase? is it still there, its unconventional for HDB to paint that STRONG RED. I LOVE IT!!! more pics as and when on it? :)

    2. Bathroom Wall: very intricate pieces of mesmerising mosiac. :) – 14 Nov 2003

  5. The red wall is really there, i was suprised too at the strong use of colour. But i think now adays, HDB sometimes get the private sector to design their flats. The bathroom “mosiac like” tilte is also by HDB’s design.

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