Will be moving into our new place soon and as usual, concerning superstitions would surround such activities. Not only do i not believe such superstitions, i simply abhor such an embargo.

Anyway i just wanna quote from this site, the so called “Move-In Procedure for the home

1. Find a suitable auspicious day and time according to Tong Sheng (the Chinese Almanac); the selection of auspicious date should take into consideration of the birth data of the family members. Make sure no one clashes with that day of move-in.

What if its a big family and that no matter how there will be someone who clashes with that date, so how? no need to move? or that person don’t move? ridiculous!

2. Charcoal must be lit, burnt to red hot in an auspicious hour and be brought ALL the way from the front door to the kitchen (stove). The red charcoal represents a “Burning success”, and leading “hung” (redness – which means extreme good luck) into the house. It is not black charcoal.

What if i don’t really want burning success in my life? What if i just wanted to live a contented life? Do i burn the charcoal half way, so its half red half black? whatsupwitdat!

3. Before entering the house, say a prayer at the door and proclaim that you are the rightful owner of the house and claim for its ownership and possession and politely ask any ‘uninvited guest’ to leave (or perform religious ritual/rite according to your religious belief).

Being a Christian my religious ritual / rite is not to believe in such mambo jumbo hocus pocus, so now how?

4. The husband enters the house first with cash filled pockets and important documents i.e. shares & marriage certificates.) Other adult family members follow with jewellery & cash. Children carry their school bag filled with books.

Important documents to me would be like my nostalgic collection of movie stubs that is a choronical record of all the movies we have seen together since 1993. Since when have materialistic stuff like jewellery and cash become important stuff, thats so shallow and since when have school bags filled with books proved any good? i skipped lectures, did not buy certain textbooks and i still turned out fine, i definately think its got more to do with the individual’s character than the meer bag filled with books.

5. No one should be empty handed. Bring the 5 necessities for kitchen (cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, rice) and some Chinese customs say bring brush and broom, bucket filled with water, pairs of chopstick or fork and spoon.

I don’t think we can do with just those 5 necessities for the kitchen seriously speaking.

6. Open all the doors and windows and let the Chi flow through the house. Switch on the electricity, on the lights, fan/aircon, TV, sound system etc. Turn on the water tap and stove, let the water run and gas burned for a short moment, this is to signify the flow of energy/chi in the house.

Die lah, we use electrical stove, no gas in the house, not enough “chi”. Surely there is not enough energy / chi in my house next time.

7. Arrange the altar table (if any), offer prayers to the Deity for peace, harmony, health & prosperity.

Altar table? Deity? If there is any i would have already invited them away all away. (see point 3)

8. If the furniture has not been place in, put them in now.

Most furniture have not been bought yet leh.

9. The bed-sheet should only be made at the moving in day.

I wonder what will happen if i don’t. Will the bed sheet attack me in the middle of the night?

10. Put red packets filled with money and sweets on tabletops – symbolises good fortune.

I think it symbolises greed and gluttony

11. Cook the first meal at home. ONLY let FAMILY members eat the first meal. DO NOT share the first meal with anyone else or their WEALTH is believed to be shared by those at the table.

If i were to not share my wealth i would not be tithing. What’s up with this self-centred, selfish behaviour and mentality!!! This point really pisses me off and look down upon many of these self-centred activities.

12. Once settled in, you may arrange for a house-warming buffet reception at a later date to augur in the good fortune.

Trust me, my own good fortune would never be on my agenda if i were to invite you for my house warming.

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  1. Good points, Nick. I do not believe in superstitions too or some stupid culture thingies based on superstitions. So like.. do you have to follow them anyways? :O

  2. Welcome to Punggol 21 – the place to stay [if you are (1) young; (2) not earning a lot to afford to stay on condo or landed property & (3) do not mind staying in a secluded part of Singapore.

    I had moved into Punggol for over a year. When I moved in last year, I disregarded all which my mother wanted me to do (e.g. charcoal fire, auspicious day, switch on all lights & gas, cook meal for own family…). I turned out ok… in fact, my wife & I got on better than ever… I remembered my mother even wanted me to buy my bamboo poles (for drying clothes) and carry them by climbing up the stairs (I live on the 14th floor) so that I can “bu bu gao sheng”. As usual, I disregard her instruction and took the lift up to my flat.

    Customs & culture are treasures which we should preserve. Superstition, which are baseless and senseless, should be discarded.

  3. I can’t for the earth understand how intellectual, educated, learned and well spoken people can end up believing such dog’s vomit. There’s always people like that around. In fact, some of the big dudes of this country are like that.

  4. oh yes, and what’s the greatest joke is that the feng shui masters are earning tonnes of money by swaying these masses of gullibles. I can be a feng shui master too. Contact me at 9888 8888 and I’ll give you a tip or 2. I’ll bill you later. First free tip of the day: Stick your hand up your anus and dig real hard. Make sure you dig hard until all the stuffing comes out. This means that there’s no more dirty stuff in you so that you can earn more money, retire rich and go to heaven quicker because of your great deeds of greed.

  5. Quote “Being a Christian my religious ritual / rite is not to believe in such mambo jumbo hocus pocus, so now how?”

    Enuff said.

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