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Its 2 weeks now since we moved into our flat in punggol and we are still settling in. We still do not have a dinning table, so when Dezzo and Hazel came over for dinner we had some problems putting food on the table… what table… haha… the lovely couple just came back from their honeymoon at Maldives *so envy*.

We also had John and Ann over for dinner today and we had to bring out the study table… we found out we have got not enough chairs… haha… really love having them over. They live in the next suburb from us, i believe we’ll seeing them very often… jln kayu prata… i can just smell it.

I so wanna build thepans@punggol, but i think that has got to wait, cause the past 2 weeks of no net, means plenty of work piled up. So here is a picture for a small preview. But seriously, thats about all there is to see in our house. Its quite plain. This picture was taken before we shifted in.

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  1. That’s not plain – it’s DESIGNED! Clutter-free pursuit. It was very shiok being over at your house, everything very well thought about, planned and the so many little touches of tactility. I so want to move in to my own home too – a one that doesn’t leak. Having major “taichi” sessions with the HDB town council about them fixing up our roof. Everything I say he taichi’s out to saying, “we don’t have any money”… then what about the service fees we pay every month? I feel he just doesn’t want to do any paper work.

  2. i’m comfortable sitting on the floor to eat :) thanks for inviting us over. we enjoy the food and both of your company :) i can’t wait for our new flat to be ready..there are heaps of renovation work to be done.

  3. hey Nick, i tink simple=design=headache-free~ ! haha

    cos after a hard day’s work, u guys can go home and have a goodrest, there’s no need to worry that u need to tidy here, clean up there etc, feels good! haha…a plus plus for PEARL esp! hoho…

    hope to see the completion of ur designer home very soon!

    (‘ ‘,)

  4. thanx nick n pearl for having us over and for hosting cell group at your place. you’ve got a really nice and comfy place. looks like we’ll be hanging around there quite frequently from now on. :)

  5. well…..sometimes the more simple things are or look the nicer it gets….hahahhha…

    your place looks very white and clean…hope to get to see the real thing soon… :)

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