small girl

20031218-smallgirl.jpgThe small girl is one feisty kid, somehow her silly parents always pisses her off. When she wants something, she is very persistant, she does not give up untill she gets it. I can feel that she is a fighter, she has the spirit of not giving up, not succumbing to the given, she will do what it takes to get it her way. Feisty… very feisty… On one hand i’m happy, but on the other hand, she is quite a handful… But i do thank God for her energy and her apparent zest for life, very active, hyper active. I must always remind myself to give her the attention she deserves and not like many parents who are so busy that they only “entertain” their kids…

Clié is now very interactive, she is starting to show signs of understanding, but i reckon she is still trying to figure out what we are trying to express. Its really challenging… its like she speaks a totally different language and her level of comprehension is very different to ours, so i try to get to her level and try to understand and be sensitive to her needs and requests. Its not easy, i believe every kid will have their own character.

And yes, Pearl is doing a far better job than i am.

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  1. kids amaze us in so many ways. sometimes we adults are just blinded by reality to realise the innocence that children have, and how much we yearn to feel the innocence again. at least for me, i do.

    Cli� is an awesome kid. :)

  2. it’s never easy being parents. now i guess i can understand how my parents tried to get to my level & understand me.

    this is indeed enlightening.

  3. Wow! Celebrity bloggers on Vibes! Looks like Clie will be expecting more siblings soon ya? ;) Cute little girl is already in the limelight with parents! ohh so cute. :)

  4. Came across your site via some link..You have a very cute baby and also a very neat and clean site..good luck in your new house and Clie.. :)

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