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I’ve been longing to solve my problem of the lack of mobile music when i take public transport. Been eyeing the iPod ever since itunes was on PC. Darn… the temptation is too great…

If you have an iPod, pls let me know if you think its good or not. The pros and cons and stuff… would love to know more about it.

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  1. I’ve had the 15 gig (3rd-Gen) iPod for about 6 months and I cant imagine not having it! The pod is great, sleak design, light, easy to navigate – good supporting applications etc etc etc. Dont go with the new mini’s though because its a ripoff for the amount of storage you get. Only downfall that I have heard about is the battery life but mine is still kicking strong and I use mine constantly day after day. The iPod is easily the best mp3 available and I can guarantee that you wouldnt be disappointed. A good site to research in the meantime is, they have anything and everything you would ever need to research up on. Let us know if you break down and end up buying one :-)

  2. Same as E, mine is 15G. Bought it like a year back when it was sooo hot! In the package, I received everything. Dock, casings etc. Very nice packaging. I fall for design.

    PRO: Yes, sleak design, light and easy. It’s so nice to be held upon your palm. When you’re in a train for awhile, it’s a nice thing where you go on and on without stopping. But I think that’s all to it. I teach in a gym and for an hour class, I need a few tracks and it’s very good cos it’s fast and no need to change CDs.

    CONS: The battery lifespan is PATHETIC! After 4 hours of non stop listening, it goes BYE BYE BYE! Then after awhile, I discovered (I meant, it made sense if you think about it).. We live in Singapore. You don’t need like 4000 songs to go from Sengkang to Choa Chu Kang. And with that 4000 songs, your battery lifespan will also finish even before you finish listening to each of them! Oh yea, the earphones need help too!

    But of course it’s still very pretty. I won’t sell it off ‘cos it’s just too pretty. But I won’t recommend people to buy it either. Why? ‘Cos now it’s just another MP3 player. Nothing else. It’s just another pretty face (gadget?!) If you’re an accidental buyer, welcome to the club.

  3. DUN DO IT!
    ‘Cos after listening to like 20 songs without skipping, your battery lifespan will decrease to 3 bars. Then slowly decrease…well the thing about Ipod is that as long as you dun skip songs, your battery lifespan will be alright. Sometimes you dun even need to charge it for 3 days!

  4. its not bad, i haven’t got one myself but i know some ppl that do. the only problem i see with it is that you HAVE to use itunes to transfer songs to it, personally i dont really like itunes as it doesn’t run well on my windows platform. but if you’ve got a mac then dont worry about it. but for me i’m sticking with my mp3 cd player for now, i’ll say wait till you can get at least 40gigs for $200 otherwise i can’t be bothered.

  5. oh and another thing,
    try not to get the one with the metal backing, when you hold it, you’ll leave fingerprints on it and i think thats really ugly.

  6. hehe…hey fsh – for ppl who are vain-pots, the mirror metal backing is the most suitable for them! haha…Arbaiya hor? (not referring to you lah, haha)

    (‘ ‘,)

  7. err.. i bought a 3G 30GB iPod on my last Singapore stopover.. and apart from its feisty price i havent really had any regrets!.. its great!!.. i mean u might wonder what the hell someone would do with a 30GB harddrive but mine is nearly full (5700 mp3s).. a lot of music indeed… Apart from a very poor battery life and some lcd problems the iPod has adapted itself as a neccesity within my life.. if you got the cash and mp3’s id recommend you to purchase one indeed.. oh and itunes is just the best.. hope i helped

  8. i don’t own one but a close friend of mine has a 3rd-gen 20GB iPod which he lends me often and takes back faster than i can say “can i have it?” just to spite me. Plus his Sennheiser headphones are insane. ><”

    THE. iPod. IS. GODLIKE.

    T_T anyone willing to get me one as a show of “random-gift-to-a-stranger-for-good-karma” ? LOL.

  9. a few more qns!! can u like hook up e ipod to speakers & use it as a mini hifi? And do u guys also use it as a storage device for ur digi photos?

    thanks nick for this ipod Q+A – coz ive been contemplating too :P

  10. The ipod rawks! I don’t have one, but i have been wanting one ever since it was out. Even before there was iTunes for Windows there were hacks available. The only thing preventing me from getting one is the price. Sigh. I worship it too haha.

    Yes ipod can be used to hook up to speakers provided u use the standard headphone connector. There are people who use it as a storage device. You have to buy the Belkin Media card reader or something. U can just use it as an external HDD also i think.

    There also is this interesting accessory by Belkin, that connects to the output [headphone] jack. Besically it broadcasts your output as FM. So it turns your ipod into a radio broadcasting station, with a limited range. This means those people with nice big powerful stereos can play music from the ipod without connecting! Just tune in…to yourself! It’s real cool.

    Hope i’ve been of help.

  11. hey nick,t&b are getting me an ipod for my bday (God bless them for their generosity!!), we were looking at the apple website and apparantly there is an ipod mini coming out. smaller and lightweight with a variety of colours for their chrome-covers. But it only holds 4gbs.

    just to let you know i guess. i’ve heard some pc users are having certain problems with it…but it could just be the one (coz that’s all i’ve heard so far).

    think i might go for the normal one afterall. can’t wait. :)

  12. Mine’s a 20GB one… I absolutely love it. And yes, the battery problem is a major problem. My friend suggested for me to used it until the battery is flat out for the first 5 times, and then charge it till its full and then stop immediately (which means you kinda need to monitor it). This way, it would supposedly last you for another 5000 proper or improper (whether you charge overnight or imcomplete charges) charges.

    I think its a great way to store data also. Coz I deal with big video files (bout 7GB), its a convenient way for me to bring my files to school so I dun have to camp in sch.

    I think the price athough a bit steep, but is still justifiable coz of the amount of space you get as compared to other to mp3 players, you can use it as a hard drive to… and its soooooo cool, elegant, sleek looking… =)

  13. I own a 10GB IPOD, but it’s of the older design, not the current sleeker and lighter ones.

    The IPOD is definitely a good buy becoz you can have tons and tons of music of all kinds of genres to fit your mood for anyday.

    The only bad thing is still the battery. Even if you get a 20GB IPOD, the battery power will not even last thru 5GB of music at a go.

    But overall, it’s still a very good buy and utility to bring melodies to your life!

  14. hi

    My bf has one, well i must say that it is really impressive. design and all… yap, the metal backing will leave fingerprints but then again, you can use it as a ‘mirror’.

    it is really a good buy.

  15. Good comments E & Arbaiya. So anyway to counter the batt problem? If lets say i hear it max 3 hours a day & i charge it over night everyday, then will that be good enough?

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