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  1. Oh man, haven’t been to one b4~! hoho…well, can see you’re a pretty devoted patriotic Singaporean…not bad ah! hoho…

    hey BTW, Nick, what camera model are you using?

    (‘ ‘,)?

  2. i m going… :P i m not in any sector… haha… i m part of the P&C segment! :P this year’s fireworks so nize!!! but very scaree too! :P so loud!!!! but still, very nize!!!

  3. whoa. red. everywhere!

    for a moment i flashedback to my chinese exam papers from days now behind…*shuddeR*…..

    wah, i haven’t been to one in ages….wonder if it’s changed much.

  4. u knoe the back of the tix? there’s this sortta layout of the sectors… and stuff… where’s the yellow sector (comparing to the blue sector).. juz wondering where you will b sitting… haha… aniwae, everybodi reading this, have a happy National Day!

  5. i wld like the tickets too if i can have them somewhere! havent attended NDP before, gee.

    enjoy it tml!!

  6. hey nick, i was in the yellow sector too! awesome fireworks. :)
    i saw you 3 just now after the parade ended and we were walking out from inside the stadium. i recognised clie first as you were carrying her and she was like looking straight at my face with her 2 big eyes. didn’t call out to you cos it was so packed, and i wasn’t sure if you would know who i am. anyway, clie is so pretty in pink! :) looks even cuter in person!

  7. hi, just wondering how did u manage to set the archivetitle for monthly pages to be Aug ’04 instead of August 2004? please advise. thks!

  8. haha she has already SEEN me clearly enough, i believe :P imagine her 2 big eyes staring at my face. it’s hard not to notice! hahaha..
    if we should meet again on the streets, i’ll definitely say hi :)

  9. claudia,
    <$MTArchiveDate format=”%b ‘%y”$>
    you can see more in the documentation.

    you should have come up to say hi, you would have been Clié’s first web friend that she have seen. hehe…

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