Rolf Fehlbaum

Fast Company: If you weren’t initially interested in the subject, how did you manage to make Vitra so well-known for its chairs?

Rolf Fehlbaum: I learned to love chairs. I studied them, gave my attention to them, and developed a passion for them. I believe in embracing whatever you have before you in order to make it a rich, worthwhile, and honest experience. You can put your energy into anything — it can be wine, music, hats, or chairs. Whatever your focus, do your utmost to understand it. If you deal with chairs, make them the greatest chairs in the world. Be the biggest chair collector, and be the most knowledgeable person on the subject. Study chairs in different cultures. Learn the history of chairs. Give yourself the opportunity to idealize what you’re doing. If you can’t idealize what you’re doing, why do it?

taken from Fast Company

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