I call my wife “Dear”, i want to know what do you call your significant other? Pls be honest.

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  1. I don’t think we call each other names like dear, darling.. its sounds mushy. We are just comfortable to call each other “Whey or eh” tat’s us… :)

  2. It all depends on my mood, “honey” if he’s nice or when I need a favour; if not, the second and first name will be screeched when I see red!

  3. hmm. i call him ‘darling..’

    sometimes its dear and qingAiDe.

    hey, congrats on ur Cleo!

    *blinks* time goes by so fast.

  4. i call Gobi “hunne” or just “G”. “G” is actually a respectful way to address others in Hindi. plus, well, it is his name, so there u go.

  5. hehe…we call each other *dearby*
    its a combination of “dear dear” and “baby” so in short its “dearby” *winks*

  6. Well I call my bf “Mandai Deer” and named myself “Adorable Deer”.
    Sometimes when he’s fussy or choosy, I’ll call him “Fussy Deer” or “Choosy Deer”.
    When I’m hungry, i’ll call him “Hotplate Venison”… Muahahahaha!!!

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