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  1. hey i’m using it, feels funny sometimes a bit tricky… not as user friendly as Outlook Express i think for a few features… but i think you can backup your mailbox

  2. am usin it too.. some functions are still odd or maybe becuz have been using too much of outlook. oso problems I encountered is having multiple accounts(though managed to solved it), also it cant switch between users like outlook, have to close and open the software to select another account. It seems to hang when I import some of the outlook emails. overall i think function is about the same as outlook, except the way its programmed makes it safer from virus etc..until it gets as popular as outlook I think it should be safe to use… anyway I am also using it along with a sygate personal firewall,spybot, plus AVG antivirus I reckon it should be pretty safe for now. These are all recommended freewares should check it out.

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