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  1. Oh we’re doing a research on it….

    You notice that theres 24 hours, 60mins, 60 secs
    Also notice that a circle is 360 degrees.

    See that they’re all multiples of 3

    SO we’re seeing how they’re all related.

    By the way a year has 365 and one-quarter days thats why leap years exists, to make up for that one-quarter day after evry four years. And the leap day is in february. Why? Why not December, the end of the year? make more sense to put it there rite?

    We found out that the roman calender started with march and ended with february. So thats why!

    Meanwhile why dont you think…

    “a day has 86400seconds” instead of 24 hours…

  2. don’t think anyone would agree that 24 hrs a day is enough, unless they have that little stuff to do… haha, how come like alot of ppl posting about time… some of my friends also posted on their blogs about how limited time is and stuff…

  3. ‘86400 seconds’ does sound a bit more optimistic than ’24 hours’… I could take 100 seconds a day to hang out at Nickpan.com and still have 86300 seconds left to do my work! ;)

  4. i like the picture. it’s nice.
    and time… is there really an answer to your question?
    there are so many things to do yet not enough hours in a day to do it. when you can’t wait for the day to end, time drags on and when you wish the day was longer so that you can do all that you need to do, time flies by. When you have an endless list of things to do, you don’t ahve enough time. But when you have alot of time, you have absolutely nothing to do.
    It’s a weird thing… time.

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