Do YOU want a Blog?

If you want a blog and don’t wish to use those free default blogspot type, i think i can help you. For a small fee i’ll setup for you a personalised blog from a selection of more than 250 templates + customisation if required. Domain and hosting is also not a problem, just drop me a comment on this post and i’ll get back to you asap via email. ;)

21 Replies to “Do YOU want a Blog?”

  1. waaah. how much do you charge for the individuals and all 3 if get in bundle?

    IF i wanna learn how to make my design, do you have a class for it? cos i have problems fitting MT into my template. always have errors. :S

  2. Hi Nick, I am interested too. Thinking something about a wedding blog. :) I have one domain in mind already. Pls email the cost and the hosting detail. Thanks.

  3. hi nick,
    good idea!.. how much would i be looking at to get it hosted and setup and how could i pin it to my current domain?.. thanks

  4. Already have a blog, but this sounds better? How much would it cost, that’s the main thing.

  5. hi. i’ve got quite a huge project and i’d need help with it. it’s a food blog. do email me if you’re interested, thanks.

  6. hi…i would like to set up a site linking to numerous other blogs..can you do that? what will your charges be like? could i have more details please.. this is for a community service project.

  7. heyy nick
    i am interested too.
    but could i noe the price.. and how could i customised it …

  8. hey, i’m interested, like the others here, need to know all the costs involve.. email me thanks!!

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