Obi Wan Spotted in Singapore


I saw Obi Wan today at White Sands Shopping Centre at Pasir Ris. I wonder what was he doing there on the opening day of Star Wars Episode III? Should’nt he be at the volcanic planet of Mustafa fighting Anakin? or was it Mustafar?

That fella actually walked up and down the whole building… he seems like looking for something or someone. I think he took the wrong MRT line, Mustafa is on the NEL for goodness sake!

6 Replies to “Obi Wan Spotted in Singapore”

  1. Hello! I got here through think it looks more like Anakin ley, cause he’s holding a red lightsabre, and onleee the eeeeeviillll ones have red lightsabres..

    maybe he looking for Padme..hMm..

    and I’ve always wondered, why is the planet called Mustafa? Why not Seiyu/OG/Robinsons/John Little/Isetan?

  2. long time nv comment in your blog, hehe. I am still surfing by ya! Dropping a note to let you know that you missed out the “.com” in the link to your online store! :p

  3. looks like he’s burning his shoulder off..

    anyway, is there anything i can get for the kids?

  4. ooo…and btw, it turns out that the ipod photo is about $40 us dollars cheaper over here..

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