China July 2005 Trip I

I’m now in China for a business trip and its really kinda boring here. My heart is really elsewhere and i can’t wait to get home to my girls. The worst part is i’m gonna miss the big party this weekend as Anne will be doing a birthday party for her daughter Hannah. I reckon its gonna be fun, but i’m gonna miss it! darn!

I have to say that Guang Zhou is quite different from the last time i was here in April 2005. The speed of their development is really fast.

Anyway… will blog with photos when i get back to Singapore.

4 Replies to “China July 2005 Trip I”

  1. i wanna venture g.zhou either this yr or next yr – nav says e dimsum is cheap & good there!

    ill be returning to Shanghai this sept – gng w my school on a learning journey

  2. yeah nick! why did you have to go away at this time *sigh*… so sad you’ll miss hannah’s party… :(

  3. Hey! I just want to say great page, I have been reading it for several years now.

    I want to ask: is it ok if I link from my page back to yours? In my next update…

    Ty and keep it going!

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