IDN DesignEdge 05

DesignEdge 2005

Got some pictures to share from this year’s IDN DesignEdge conference. I think many would agree that last year’s IDN MFC 04 was maybe not so… confrontational… those who were there on day 2 would know what i mean.

I will not cover everything that i saw, cuz there is just too much, but i’ll share what i personally liked of the conference. If you wanna know more about the presenters, etc. do check out the DesignEdge webby.

DesignEdge setup

Was really excited for this conference and when i finally arrived, i have to say the setup was nice, with multiple hanging screens and beanbags in the front for people to slouch. I did not take much pictures on the first day, so here are some pictures from the 2nd and 3rd day. The main segment that i was looking forward to was the “DesignSingapore Internation Panel” and just by the looks of the panel members and their credentials, it was definately a power packed session.

Toyo Ito

This is Toyo Ito, the designer for Singapore’s new Vivocity at HarbourFront. I’m looking forward to see the mall when its completed. I think i’ll love it + all the reno going on in Sentosa, i think the other end of the NEL (North East Line) is going to be a real hangout in the future.

Toshiyuki Kita

Toshiyuki Kita is well known for his industrial design work and one of the products we all know is the Sharp Aquos series of TVs. One trivia he mentioned was that the internal staff in Sharp found it hard to accept the radical design, due to the two curves at the bottom which was somewhat erotic. lol…

There was a discussion session when some of the members on the panel had to ask others a question. Here is Ogilvy & Mather’s Steve Hayden (who wrote Apple’s award winning ad back in 1984) asking Toyo Ito a question.


Delta’s work is quite inspirational. The way he talked about the process being sometimes more important than the final outcome was really good, i think alot of us need to be reminded of that. I particularly liked the concept of “Urban Mould” which he shared.


The longest queue had to be Faile’s booth, they were busy silk screening away.


Here is a Joshepine sharing about her label Hansel. She is a friend of my cousin, i knew her back in the days when they were all in Lasalle.


I was suprised to see eeshawn, cuz it was just a night before i looked thru the collab he did with Sex, Lies & Fairytales. Also, he did a fantastic doodle for Rojak 2.

DsignEdge Presenters

Here are all the presenters who were present at the end of the conference. It was a good ending, although there were some bits where it was abit tense when the audience complained about the conference being a show and tell of sorts. But just to add, i think everyone really enjoyed Rostarr’s segment on day 2 and the resfest sneak preview on the day 3. But in general i think it was an okay conference and the best wisdom i took away from the conference was from Richard Seymour where he said poets, artists, dreamers all dream of the future, but designer make the future.

Keep designing solutions… keep it real.

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  1. Hey Nick, nice report on IDN, but it seems to me 04 was more useful as an artist… artists on coffee! By the way, have you seen the new coffee house on Middle road by the old NAFA? Its called Gashaus or something, and has a great coffee menu, try their house cappucinno, but go in the day coz the staff at night is more like bartenders… the place is huge!
    Bye, Jar

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