If you wanna know why i’ve not posted any pictures up on the net lately, thats because i lost my digital camera, together with my thumbdrive, keys, diary, favourite pen & bible… all of them in a few days with a total value of around S$900. If you would like to donate something to me so that i can buy a new camera and to start taking pictures of my kids again (which i really want to), please click the donate button below and donate to the “replace nickpan’s camera fund”.

I will give due credit for all those that donated.

7 Replies to “Lost”

  1. Same here. I “crashed” the portable harddrive which stored all the digital pics of Valerie since she was borned. I had to pay RMB1200 to recover it and no guarantee that… ;((

  2. Hey Nick,

    sorry to hear about your camera and stuff. I don’t have a spare cam with me, but you do live pretty close to where I stay. If you need to borrow my 10D, you’re more than welcome.

  3. Lucian, thanks alot for the offer. The worst part is the camera is on T-Loan from Canon as i’ve sent mine in for repair… i hope they never call…

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