CCC at the Zoo

cleo clie chloe at the zoo

We all went to the Zoo today and my mom, my grandma and my niece came along too. It was a fun day and you had to be there to see how much the Cleo, Clié and Chloe enjoyed it.

chloe grandahma clie

I teach Clié to call her great-grandma “ah ah ma”, cus we usaully call “ah ma”, so that sounded like one generation up.

clie chloe laughing

Asking this two girs to smile is quite prolematic… the smiles will always look scary as they seem to try tooooo hard. So asking them to laugh is another good option.

clie chloe ahma cleo and big mangosteen

What a big fruit.

chloe swimming

Chloe actually got into Cleo’s swimming costume!

cleo swinging

This is Cleo’s first swing experience, and she LOVES it. It was starting to get dark and we had to leave, but she refused. Even after we were quite a distance to the kids playground, she insisted to get down to walk… and she walked back towards the direction of the playground… she did not care if we were following. What a kid…


I’m not sure why my mom is hidding, maybe she thinks she is thin enough to hid behind the giraffe. lol…

clie and chloe laughing again

Here they are laughing again. This was the exact spot where my brothers and i took a photo when we visited the Zoo when we were kids. So here the girls will continue the tradition.

7 Replies to “CCC at the Zoo”

  1. wow nick looks like the whole family had alot of fun!
    cleo seriously looks like peark and clie seriously looks like you and chloe seriously looks like yous sis

    SERIOUSLY man :)

  2. great to see your photos on your website whilst talking free of charge with your parents on Voipbuster phone. Dominique is now 13, and as tall as her mum. Spent last two Easter holidays in America. May go to Singapore next year. God bless you and family, uncle Tjin Kie.

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