Don’t know why but i’ve been thinking alot about death lately. Not so much of the actual dieing, but more of working backwards the amount of life i have left and thinking of how best to spend it. We will all die one day, we all know that, but i think its cool to work backwards and then have a different perspective.

Now i’m asking myself, “how much money do i want in my bank account at 50 years old” and i work backwards to see how i can achieve that. I’m also asking myself, “what would i want to be doing at 50 years old”, but more importantly “how many lives do i want to impact”.


btw, i recently joined the Punggol Meadows RC.

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  1. Hey I have not visited this page in a long while. This is the first blog I ever saw, and still one of the best.


  2. if it pleases you to know you are not the only one who thinks of such thngs. The deeper you ask, the deeper you will realise your utmost dependence on God.

  3. You reminded me of some questions one of my ex-superior asked me. How much $$ is enough. What is more important, $$ or power?


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