Sentosa Palawan Beach

Sentosa… my escape. When my family is on the beach at Sentosa, the stressful world of work, expectations, commitments, etc. etc. all fade away… There is no need to think, no need to plan, no need to worry about whats the next step as it usually involves going somewhere to eat and then going home.

When the kids are having fun, when my wife is comfortably looking gorgeous on the beach, when my maid has nothing to carry or to clean, i’m at ease. Time comes to a stop, my mental health starts regenerating.

My daughter’s slippers

Thank you to who ever you are, that made Sentosa what it is today.

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  1. I have been to Sentosa for two days to relax after a conference, and it is really a nice place and beach.. But the water is so much polluted from the industry, that I only stayed in the hotel pool. Well, at least the locals seem to love their beach :) Singapore’s streets are so clean, why not the water too :)

  2. Just a quick note to mention how great I think it is that this is intoeporacrd into the website. As Youth Leader at St G’s I rarely get to hear Rev CJ’s sermons as I’m involved with our youth group. I have really enjoyed taking time out of my Monday to hear the Word. Thanks CJ Scott Currie

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