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If you subscribe to my website feed, you are probably my friend or someone out there that knows i’m into web stuff.

I’m contemplating setting up another blog to solely talk about Web Stuff.

Do you think i should do it? If so what kind of content would you like to read about?

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  1. i suggest that it could be something like webappers.com or webdesignfromscratch, useful resources (especially for the singaporeans perhaps?) , suggestions, recommendations, preaching, styles, likes, dont likes etc etc…lots to write about…but one thing for sure…if you write, people will read :)

  2. I encourage you to setup a new blog related to Web. You may, add ….. web development, web design and web marketing. Thanks for arguments.

  3. your new blog should also focus on how the latest edge in informational technology can help marketers move their brands into the newest and most unexplored mediums, where more minds can be met in ways that have never been explored before.

  4. yes do please create! Prolly like web inspirations and like your creations and why it was created that way! photoshop methods and all those.

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