Meaning No?

This ad is indeed very deep, I had a long chat with a friend online tonight about the significance of this ad and how powerful it is in our generation. With about 2.5million views in 10 months, thats about 8,300 views per day for the past 10 months (about 300 days).

Pls share with me your views on this ad.

7 Replies to “Meaning No?”

  1. Erm, the desire for chocolate is primal? Honestly, the first time I watched it, I did not understand it and I still do not see how it could have won big time at advertising award shows the world over.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. Gorilla playing drum inside a piece of chocolate? = solid chocolate that even gorilla couldn’t resist?

    Ok… talking crap, it’s too deep for me to understand. Probably the 2.5mil views were also due to the many repeating views by users who found it too deep to understand hence keep watching and replaying while trying to figure it out?

  3. hey haha i actually saw this ad during one of my advertising lectures and apparently, it was my lecturer’s fave. hmm maybe the fragrance of the choco is so strong that it keeps the gorilla high? ohwell, sometimes, some ads don rly have a specific meaning, but maybe a specific purpose as to attract viewers and thus buyers through entertainment.

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