Are we ourselves

We all take things for granted.

We all want more.

We all want better.

Did we stop and think for a moment… the people that we should be caring about, the people that we care about, the people that care.

At what point does others come before self.

At what point does a day become life.

At what point do we say we are sorry, hug and do not need words to commnicate.

Did we stop and think for a moment… whats holding us back…

Do we expect from others.

Do we feel others are expecting something.

Do we feel tired because there are expectaions.

Are we ourselves.

Are we comfortable being ourselves.

Are we ourselves.

3 Replies to “Are we ourselves”

  1. yes x6. When self is sufficiently fulfilled. When a sperm fertilises an egg. When we truly feel sorry for the mistake. yes x 7.

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