She wakes up and rolls around in bed hoping to sleep a little more.

She washes up, prepares herself and makes herself pretty for the day. She smiles at the mirror, the mirror smiles back at her.

She starts the day and takes on the challenges the world has to offer.

She is intelligent, she is capable. She is almost 100 percent confident. Reassuring and encouraging words are always nice.

When she is with herself, she thinks. When she is by herself, she enjoys life. What will she do later? What will she achieve next?

She likes to be alone, yet she is surrounded with people who love her.

The day slows down. She starts to unwind.

She comes home, she settles down, cleans up and gets changed into comfortable sleeping clothes.

She rolls back into bed. She stretches. She makes herself comfortable and starts to doze off.

I smile at her. I give her a kiss. I whisper in her ear.

Daddy loves you.

Good night my love.

5 Replies to “She”

  1. hey nick, i enjoyed reading most of posts..but this is my most favourite! It really touches my heart and I am sure that your lovely daughters will feel the same way too! Take care! (:

  2. this kinda post makes me miss my childhood. however, i’ll freak out if my dad kisses me on the forehead. Back then, we dare-fight until i get hurt which only takes a couple of minutes, haha!

  3. well i`m glad after reading this, its an open book for me realized how much i miss her,(my wife) well man (husband)start appreciate your woman infact give her a hug always and tell her THAT I LOVE YOU

  4. @kash63 glad this post resonated with you. Yes this is about my wife & I realised that she is after all still a girl & will always be. However I don’t know when from “dear” I became “daddy”. :) yes all men should love their wives in all sorts of ways possible.

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