Steamboating at thepans


My wife loves to have steamboat, hence we have it at home sometimes. This time round we invited my wife’s secondary school friends as its been a long time since we last got together. We also had 2 friends from church who came to join us.

It feels not long ago that i was trying to get acquainted with Pearl’s classmates and trying to blend in. With the years, we all got quite friendly and my wife’s friends are also now my friends. Some are married, some have kids, some are single and very eligible, some got the date wrong and did not show up. lol…


We had a fun time catching up, chatting about life, updating each other on what we are up to. We ate and ate. We had wine too. Lots of it.

Overall, it was a nice and heartwarming evening. We all went to bed nice and bubbly.

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