thepan’s VW New Touran Sport 1.4 TSI

Volkswagen New Touran Sport
VW New Touran Sport

After driving our VW Jetta Sport for 2 years, we’ve got ourselves the VW Touran Sport in Jan 2011. We bought our Jetta back in 2009 for around SGD86k, but manage to sell it for SGD81k. I think its a pretty good deal. We got the Jetta during the crazy $2 COE week and also when it was the last VW model being introduced back in 2009 before the new range of VWs came into Singapore lead by the Golf MK6. Now while the New Jetta have not arrived in Singapore yet, we thought it would be a good time to let it go, else the value will drop dramatically when the new model is in town.

Its also no surprise that we needed more space due to the arrival of our�Clara.

Bye Bye Jetta Sport
thepan's VW Jetta Sport 1.4 TSI

I love the Jetta and do have some emotional�attachment�to it. Its elegant, its sporty, its to me, the perfect sedan.

Jetta Sport Interior
Jetta Sport Interior

The Jetta’s interior is also of great quality. You don’t get the whole plasticy cheap shiny chrome feel, but a firm and dependable well leathered cabin.

Hello New Volkswagen New Touran Sport
Hello VW New Touran Sport

Anyway, its time to let go and welcome our VW New Touran Sport. Wassssuuuupppp…..

Volkswagen New Touran Sport
Off we go

The specs of the Touran vs the Jetta are almost identical, but the space of the interior is what we needed. The black exterior had the same serious sophistication, while the interior is �well planned with loads of compartments. One of the lesser know feature is that on the front seats, there are 2 storage compartments below each seat and the lower compartment is perfect for storing my iPad. Its a perfect 1.4 family car to me with a compact exterior while having a generous interior.

You can read more about the New Touran on Oneshift or check out its price from SGCarmart.

Volkswagen RNS 510
RNS 510

The best part for me was the RNS510. It had a navigation system built in to the touch screen device which can also accept voice commands. Its also a DVD player (which i’m still figuring how to hack).

I think we’re going to be driving this 7-seat family sports car for quite some time.

Any VW New Touran drivers out there? ;)

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