Simplicity is bliss

the homemade beehoon in singapore
the humble beehoon @ the white depot

The weekday is filled with complexity and decision making, so the weekend needs to be filled with simplicity. One of the best way to spend the weekend is to hang out with good friends or chill out at comfortable places.

I simply love hanging out at my friends Desmond and Hazel’s place their place is just so relaxing.

Desmond and Hazel's place
the white depot

Their home is an extremely comfortable white house with lush greenery all around.

Pearl, Nick, Hazel and Desmond
Pearl, Nick, Hazel and Desmond

Here is us taking a group photo while having tea on a chillaxing weekend afternoon.

Their home recently got featured in and there are more photos there. The photos were taken by my other good friend Jeremy San, do check them out.

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