There are so many characters we love on TV.

Arya Stark, the headstrong, feisty, independent, young girl turned assassin from Game of Thrones.

Wonder Woman, the fearless, blunt, righteous warrior princess of the amazon from DC.

Thomas Shelby, the ambitious, family oriented, dapper Birmingham gang leader from Peaky Blinders.

Sheldon Cooper, the idiosyncratic, unapologetic, socially challenged genius from Big Bang Theory.

Jake Peralta, the talented and intelligent but childish detective from Brooklyn 99.

Phil Dunphy, the positively enthusiastic who sees himself as the cool dad of 3 from Modern Family.

And the list goes on…

Then it hit me.

Why do we love them so much?

It’s simply because they are who they are as a character and they are consistent. Some characters do evolve, but who they really are is usually consistent deep down and that’s why we like them so much.

As an individual, I’ve been struggling since young in what kind of person I want to be. For everyone that tells me to be myself, there will be others that will tell me to be something else with all the best intentions.

I’ve decided.

I’ll be who I am.

I’m not the alpha.

I’m not your typical.

I’m not what you think I should be.

I’ll be who I am.

I’ll be a character in your story.

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