First Time Grandparent

Many times when I’m having or buying my breakfast near my workplace in Chinatown, I tend to see seniors holding onto tiny little babies. Some look like they just got out of the hospital, some look like they are less then 2 months old. Whatever the case, its the expression or glow in the grandparents faces that really intrigue me.

They look like they are holding onto a prize, a dear beloved child that they will protect with their life.

It looks almost like a young guy playing with his new iPhone which he used his own money to buy using his very first pay cheque ever since he graduated. The none expressive face of someone doing something important while disregarding the things happening around him. What a sight.

Why would anyone not want to have kids? Its such a beautiful experience. I recommend everyone that has an iPhone to go have babies now!

3 Replies to “First Time Grandparent”

  1. wooww wowww I see a happy and contented father here :P yea, you need more (and higher) pay cheques before you can really be a happy father =P

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