Little Red Drop 8.8 Gives Back Donated 65k for National Day

Winning Bidders of round 1

Happy 57th National Day Singapore!

As a Singaporean we are truly blessed. Our country is an anomaly on our planet. The safety, the peace, the prosperity, the multicultural integration, comparatively to the rest of the world it’s utopia.

However, within our society there are still those we struggle, those with needs. Our intellectually disabled, our homeless, our dysfunctional families, our lower income families who still have to battle with health and putting food on the table.

Me as auctioneer explaining the minimum wage in Singapore

2 years ago, with a bunch of friends we started LittleRedDrop a non-commercial wine community and now we have > 450 members and many are meeting up regularly to share wine and enjoy time friendship.

One of our members Kenneth felt as a community we are truly blessed and came up with the idea to run a charity drive within our community. After months of planning and several meetings with a small working committee including Angela, Bee Leng and myself, we pulled it off last night at 8.8 LRD Gives Back event at Porters Restaurant & Bar.

Everyone who came donated at least a bottle of wine and some even donated an entire case of wine. 27 came for the charity auction dinner and bided for the wines. Our target was $40,000 and since it was Singapore’s 57th National Day, we thought a stretched target of $57,000 would be nice.

We tried to take a group photo but to fit 27 people was kinda hard
Everyone had a good time

With the generosity of the community we managed to donate on the spot through  to several Charities in Singapore and donated $64,355. The morning after we had a few more donations and we landed at a final number of $65,050!!! How nice as Singapore is +65 and our independence was 1965.

We donated to Singapore National Eye Centre, Autism Resource Centre, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore, Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support, Animal Concerns Research & Education Society, Transient Workers Count Too, Clarity Singapore, Cancer Research, Epworth Community Services, World Vision, HealthServe, New Hope Community Services, TOUCH Community Services and more.

Auctioning an Italian 1970 Borgogno

It was such a meaningful way to celebrate Singapore by giving back to the needy amongst us. I’m truly blown away by our small wine community and their generosity. All I can say is a big thank you to all our generous donors.

At the end of the night there was simple too many empty bottles. lol.
Work mode. I can’t even remember what I drank. I know my table did blind tastings but I can’t remember anything. The focus was on driving the number up.
Final tally of donations amount

So Singapore Happy Birthday. Happy National Day. Maybe, just maybe 2023 we will do it again. Cheers! 🍷

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