The Chef

With ideas in her head,
she acquires ingredients from creation.
She picks up some bread,
some meats and some crustacean.

With purchases in her hands,
she assembles them into her curation.
Each ingredient has a plan,
that’s all part of her preparation.

She cook in her pots and pans,
dishes of her imagination.
Juggling flavours and textures,
from experience and experimentation.

She host her friends regularly,
not any one group particularly.
With smiles, laughter and her kitchen art,
everyone sense the generosity from her heart.

She is the artist,
the scientist,
the chef,
the friend
and my wife.

GoPro mounted on Bottle for Timelapse

GoPro mounted on bottle
GoPro mounted on bottle

I had my GoPro for a month now and I’ve not really tried using it properly in Singapore with my kids and doing extreme or outdoor stuff yet. So during our trip to Bali I brought it along hoping to do some cool videos of me surfing (I don’t think I managed to surf), but instead I did a timelapse for one of the epic meals we had at Take Japanese Restaurant.

Used primarily a Bike Mount on a bottle cap screwed on a bottle full of water for weight.

Popeye’s and Frienzie Bistro and Bar @ Punggol East

Popeye's @ Punggol East
Popeye's @ Punggol East

When we shifted into Punggol back in 2003, we felt that the whole place is so nice andáquiet. It was clearly the perfect place for cafes and chill out places. Only after EIGHT years did it really happen. Now we have Popeye’s and also Frienzie Bistro & Bar, soon we’ll have a seafood restaurant and a sports hub. How nice.


Popeye’s started its business at Punggol on Christmas of 2010 at Punggol East and it was the start of good things to come for us Punggolians. We went there for lunch on the opening day and like any digital native, I checked in on their Foursquare venue and posted the above picture up.

Till date which is less then one month since its opening, there is already 837 check-ins with 533 people in total and 18 photos uploaded onto Foursquare. There is also a flurry of foursquare venue’s being added. Clearly some people could not find which was the correct one to check in hence close to 15 were actually created. I manage to merge them together and now, if you want to check in, pls check-in to this one.

10 Tebing Lane #01-05
Punggol, Singapore 828836

Frienzie Bistro & Bar

Frienzie Bistro & Bar
Frienzie Bistro & Bar

This place opened just last weekend and the place looks great! I’m looking forward to have my first meal and drink there tomorrow night. They serve Pasta, Pizza’s, etc. I will update this post again tomorrow when I have a closer look at their Menu.

On Foursquare, the same thing happened again. People went crazy and started creating quite a few venues. I’ve just sent in a merge request, let’s hope it gets fixed soon and people start checking-in to the right venue.

10 Tebing Lane #01-02
Punggol, Singapore 828836