i’m better

After about 2 weeks of having multiple fevers and colds not to mention the bad throat and runny nose I’m finally on my way to recovery. I’ve never in my life experience such a draggy sickly feeling. But anyway its good to feel ready for productivity once again. I really want to thank all the people who have shown concern in some way or another and also all those that have been patient with me for all this time.

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  1. everyone’s at the office is sick on and off to. gotta take of that health now. other than that, i presume life is good? eh?

  2. Feel happy for u !! Heard that Pearl is down with diarrhoea…dun worry, God will bless both of u. Think it’s my turn now, feeling my health deteriorating…could it be the same virus that u had. Hehe….

  3. hey nick..
    glad to hear that u’re getting a lot better yea.. wow.. 2 yrs have just gone like that..

    welcome bac sia..

    glad to have caught up with u for a while last sunday :)

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