Heyday Vintage Jazz Lounge Shanghai

Shanghai, China
Shanghai, China

Was in Shanghai for a week for work and really wanted to get some Jazz. Firstly went to The Jazz bar at Peace Hotel as it was at The Bund and my colleagues and I wanted to go there anyway to check it out.

The Jazz Bar at Peace Hotel, Shanghai
The Jazz Bar at Peace Hotel, Shanghai

Oh man… The Jazz Bar’s Old Jazz Band was really old. Kudos for playing live music for so long, but it was not something I had in mind. Thank goodness for a soulful female vocalist that saved the night with classics from Old Shanghai Jazz. I could see quite a few senior ladies really enjoying themselves and dancing to the music up front and that brought a smile as I could sense the joy they had.

In short… its kinda old for me… I’ll skip it.

A friend of mine then recommended a place called Heyday. I looked it up Baidu (because no Google in China) and the web design / look and feel was right. It had that 20s Art Deco feel. Yes we had to check it out.

Colleagues and Friends
Colleagues and Friends

We went on a Saturday night not expecting much but we were just blown away. The Pianist from Israel, double bassist from Korea and drummer from Brazil were out of this world.

Heyday Jazz Lounge
Heyday Jazz Lounge

The vocalists were also superb. Song after song, solo after solo, my feet can’t stop tapping along and you can see from the crowd, cheers and applause, it was a great night. The musicians gave their all, cracked jokes and really engaged an interactive audience.

I put together a short footage to capture the feel of Heyday. Too wonderful.

THIS PLACE IS MAGIC! If I wanted to open the bar, this is it!

Anne Evenou with Oleg Roschin
Anne Evenou with Oleg Roschin
Anne Evenou with Oleg Roschin
Anne Evenou with Oleg Roschin

We stayed till the bar close down. TWICE. It was that good. I was there 20th May 2017 and again on 23rd May.

Heyday Bartenders
Heyday Bartenders
Good Night
Good Night

It was a really good night and I think I’ll have to come to Heyday again whenever I come to Shanghai. Everyone needs to go to Heyday.

Heyday Jazz Lounge
50 Tai’An Road (near Xinguo Road)
P: 6236-6075
W: http://www.heydayjazz.cn
F: https://www.facebook.com/heydayjazzshanghai/

Obi-Pan Kenobi at Star Wars Run SG 2017

So… I’ve NEVER ever did something like this before. Dress up and go out. Furthermore, I’m not really that crazy about Star Wars. But somehow after hearing about the Star Wars Run SG 2017, I simply wanted to represent the Light Side because almost ALL of my friends like to be on the dark side. Me being me, I just like being the opposite of what everyone else likes.

So I’m going as a Jedi. “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. Or you can call me “Obi-Pan Kenobi”.

My brother who works in China currently heard about me wanting to go dressed up as a Jedi and helped me find an outfit online in China, got it shipped to his addressed then brought it back for me. It fit perfectly, however due to the layers of cloth, the sides keep dropping off like bra straps. I added some velcro to it. Problem solved.

Now, the challenge is heat stroke. How am I going to run 10km in this gear and with a lightsaber no less. I think I will be a mess of sweat at the finishing line. lol. Let’s see what happens. I’m not going for timing. Just going for the fun of it.

If you see me, do say hi. ;)


Update: I feel sick on race day and was running a fever instead. I got changed and struggled for 1hour on the decision not to go for the run. Sad. So disappointed. :(

Beauty my vice

You are too distracting.
I’ll stop to take a look. Then turn back for a second look.
I’ll stop to smile and soak in the feels.

You are too correct.
The lines. The curves. The diagonals.
The colours. The smells. The timing and pace.
Simply nothing I want changed.

There you are and then you’re gone.
I thought I saw you, but I did not.
At least I saw you in my mind even if I did not.

Why are you so seldom.
Never around enough.
Yet appearing when I’ve no time for you.
Just a little beyond reach.

Beauty my vice.