Put everything you are into everything you do

Katelyn Ohashi is my current favourite Gymnast
Yoojung Lee is my current favourite Dancer
If I Ain’t Got You cover by Scary Pockets featuring Kenton Chen is my current favourite Cover
Remy Kouakou Kouame is my current favourite Lindy Hop Dancer

Oh my oh my… :) we LIVE for things like that. The fun… the FUN so evident that it shows in faces. The smiles, the joy, the laughter lol… all real, all 100% lit, all bringing us to our happy places synonymous with celebration and orgasms.

We all desire to feel this high, this adrenaline, this unspeakable place that we want to always be in. No judgement, no boundaries, no stress, no nothing that we don’t like and every every everything that we love. With the people that we like doing the things that we love!!!

How? How do we sustainability be in this state when the expectation and reality gap is so real. There is work to do, there are expectations to be met, there are responsibilities, there are challenges, there is REAL LIFE. WORK LIFE! BILLS!

At my age, I’ve managed to come across quite a lot of people from many nationalities, ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. My conclusion is that we more or less all want the same thing. We want to love what we do with the majority of our time.

  • Some think being rich is the way to get there, so they pour their lives into their career and do what it takes to amass wealth for themselves.
  • Some think doing what they love is a personal indulgence, hence only pursue their passion in their free time or delay their desires to when they retire.
  • Some think their professional self and their personal self needs to be two seperate personas. A constant work life balance. The need to constantly balance the demands of the office and the home, the pay master and the self.

BOY OH BOY. Do I have news for you!

Best summarised by a mantra within our office “Put everything you are into everything you do”. Let me break it down.

“Put everything you are…”

Know who you are. What you like, your passions, your desires, your effortless self. The most comfortable version of yourself loving to do the things you like to do. The song you sing in the shower, the silly faces you do in the mirror, the lame jokes you tell your loved ones, the little funky celebration dance step in your home. WHEN are YOU most YOU? Now hold that thought… that YOU… NOW BRING IT!

“…into everything you do”

We all have the same amount of hours in a day and we all have many things to do. Work, Learn, Contribute, Family, Exercise, Eat, drink good Wine, Rest, Pray, Play, Party, Kiss and Make out and more… Is work the most important? Is family the most important?

That’s where I think most of us get tripped up. We separate our lives into these mutually exclusive bubbles and we try to balance work and life. We have these separate personas, with separate efforts, with different degree of who we truly are, we then try to play this tiring balancing game and we hate life.

Put everything you are into everything you do

Here is the good news buddy! There is only one YOU. There is only one NOW. There is only one HERE. So BRING that ONE YOU to the NOW, to the HERE! Put ALLLLLLL that YOUness of YOU into EVERY EVERY EVERY NOW HERE THING you do.

If you think like that, you will be like that and you will be you always always love every single second of life.

A-Lin- 有一種悲傷 A Kind of Sorrow

我不羨慕 太陽
Wǒ bù xiànmù tàiyáng
照不亮你 過往
zhào bù liàng nǐ guòwǎng
有些黑暗 我們 都一樣
yǒuxiē hēi’àn wǒmen dōu yīyàng

我太嫉妒 時光
wǒ tài jídù shíguāng
能離開的 大方
néng líkāi de dàfāng
不用開口 也就無需躲藏
bùyòng kāikǒu yě jiù wúxū duǒcáng

yǒu yīzhǒng bēishāng
shì nǐ de míngzì tíngliú zài wǒ de guòwǎng
陪伴我呼吸 決定我微笑模樣
péibàn wǒ hūxī juédìng wǒ wéixiào múyàng
wúfǎ yíwàng

yǒu yīzhǒng bēishāng
是笑著與你分開 思念卻背對背張望
shì xiàozhe yǔ nǐ fēnkāi sīniàn què bèiduìbèi zhāngwàng
剩下倔強 剩下合照一張
shèng xià juéjiàng shèng xià hézhào yī zhāng

成為彼此的路 多嚮往 怎會失去方向
chéngwéi bǐcǐ de lù duō xiàngwǎng zěn huì shīqù fāngxiàng
yǒu yīzhǒng bēishāng Oh
留在我過往 無法遺忘Oh
liú zài wǒ guòwǎng wúfǎ yíwàng Oh

yǒu yīzhǒng bēishāng
是你義無反顧 讓愛成為 我身上的光
shì nǐ yìwúfǎngù ràng ài chéngwéi wǒ shēnshang de guāng
給我溫暖 卻不准我遺忘
gěi wǒ wēnnuǎn què bù zhǔn wǒ yíwàng

yǒu yīzhǒng bēishāng
不想要與你分開 思念才背對背張望
bùxiǎng yào yǔ nǐ fēnkāi sīniàn cái bèiduìbèi zhāngwàng
你是所有 你是合照一張
nǐ shì suǒyǒu nǐ shì hézhào yī zhāng

English Meaning

i don’t envy the sun
it can’t light up your past
there’s some darkness
we are all the same

i’m jealous of time
that can leave moments so easily
it doesn’t need to say anything
it doesn’t need to hide

there’s a kind of sadness
which is your name stuck in my past
it accompanies my breath
and it determines the way I smile
unable to forget

there’s a kind of sadness
which is smiling while leaving you,
but thoughts of missing you is back facing you
what remains is a photo together

becoming each others path, but losing the direction
there’s a kind of sadness
that stays with my past
unable to forget

there’s a kind of sadness
which is you unconditionally let love become the light in me
giving me warmth but not letting me forget

there’s a kind of sadness
not wanting to be apart from you
but but the memories continue to linger
you are just a photo of us together

Are you in the right company?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I’ve been struggling for a big part of my career trying to figure out why some thrive in chaos at the workplace while others simply hate how the office operates and have to conjure up lots of energy just to coexist with their own team mates, other departments and even management. 

A lot of people say it’s a ‘fit’ thing. Chemistry. But what is this fit? What is this chemistry? How can we spot it early? What does it even look like?

Earlier this year while visiting one of our office in the region, I was invited to join a manager’s appraisal as he had a dotted line to me. I obliged. He was an experienced, talented and dedicated staff. He really likes the company, but had legitimate complaints too. His main gripe was around the organization not having a clear articulated structure, no clear communicated direction. He felt as if it was all reactive, everyone is winging it, all improvisation.

Then it struck me.

There are 2 kinds of musicians. Those who love the freedom and improvising to the mood in a Jazz band and those who feel more comfortable to excel in a big scale structured symphony orchestra.

A Jazz player will hate it in a symphony orchestra, while someone who have confidence the whole team have clear scores to a music piece won’t do well in a Jazz band. 

The Jazz Band

Heyday Jazz Lounge
Heyday Jazz Lounge

I’ve been in a Jazz band type company for the longest time and I love it. The organization is fairly flat, bosses allow you flexibility and lots of autonomy to bring on your own initiatives and provides you support.

Everyone has a clear role, but sometimes we can mix it up. Who says the double bass can’t be the lead? Who says the the bassist can’t do some percussion on his guitar? Who says the trumpeter can’t suddenly break out in dance?

Similar characters in different teams work well together and have that unspoken syncopated understanding with one another. There is trust that others will commit and deliver, there is fear also because sometimes you have to do your solo and everyone is depending on you. However there is support and forgiveness, mistakes are brushed aside because the show must go on and we are all having so much fun anyway. 

The Symphony Orchestra

Photo by Gwundrig on Unsplash

There is a conductor. Everyone have scores in front of them, the performance starts on time and everyone has a specific role at a specific time with specific intensity. 

Each committing to their precise parts and after multiple practices then comes performance time. There is confidence in the team as everyone have perfected what they needed to do, everyone is a specialist, they commit to what they set out to do and they don’t try to change the plan halfway. When everything is executed as planned, it’s a symphony that gives you goosebumps and there will be high fives all around later backstage. 


If you feel you are a promising talent, a diamond in the rough, someone who can achieve much, then quickly figure out if you fit a Jazz band or a Symphony Orchestra and find the right type of organization to flourish in. Most likely you will have similar seniors, structures that fit your ways of working. 

But if you ain’t got no talent and not practicing your craft to become better consistently and just want to cruise along and take a ride along the success of others, get out of my band and trust me, you can’t hide in a symphony orchestra either.