Beauty my vice

You are too distracting.
I’ll stop to take a look. Then turn back for a second look.
I’ll stop to smile and soak in the feels.

You are too correct.
The lines. The curves. The diagonals.
The colours. The smells. The timing and pace.
Simply nothing I want changed.

There you are and then you’re gone.
I thought I saw you, but I did not.
At least I saw you in my mind even if I did not.

Why are you so seldom.
Never around enough.
Yet appearing when I’ve no time for you.
Just a little beyond reach.

Beauty my vice.

Safari Zoo Run 2017

I’ve never ran in the Zoo before and am excited to do the Safari Zoo Run 2017 with my wife 18 Feb 2017! I’ll be running for Team Ah Meng in support of the rescuing and relocating of Orangutans to safer forests in the Gunung Leuser National Park of Sumatra, Indonesia.

Get a 10% discount off registration with Promocode “SZR2017AMNICK10“. Good things must jio!

10km Race Route
5km Race Route

More Info on the Event Site Let me know if you are going too. See you there!