The Hairband

The Hairband - Clie Pan the Hand Model

Today is the Hairband’s happiest day of his life.

He’s hugging her elbow as she commutes to work.

It’s been a full month since he left the factory. Thirty-one days spent sitting at the back of the dusty shelves in the supermarket. Out of all the bags of hairbands on display, she picked the one he is in. And out of all the hairbands she could have picked this morning in the bathroom, she picked him.

It’s destiny.

The world is amazing. The world is beautiful.

All these sights and sounds.

All these busy people going to mysterious places.

Just travelling with her wrapped around her elbow, exploring the world, and going on this adventure is just bliss.

The world is wonderful and exciting again. He has great expectations of his life with her from now on.

He will hold her hair while she is eating, keep her hair neat in meetings.

When she is bored, she will play with him in her smooth hands and make little shapes.

He has great expectations. The world is beautiful.

She reaches out to the Hairband and pulls him out of his embrace of her arm, preparing to tie her hair.

The Hairband drops into the gap between the train and the platform.

She reaches into her bag and pulls out another Hairband.

Young couple going to work

Photo: @hngstrm via Unsplash

Saw a young couple this morning going to work.

He wore a tall sleek white slim fit shirt, tapered grey pants with a confident black belt and a masculine watch. With his well spiked up fresh hair cut and clean shaven square jaw, he walks with those black leather shoes exposing his ankles.

He holds with a firm grip on his new leather briefcase hanging on the end of his white long sleeves which shouts that he does business with style and on the same hand, an extra tote that is clearly not his, shows that he cares. His other hand holding his queen and muse.

She wore a tight creaseless cotton white u-neck blouse and matching tight short grey skirt on her petit body. Her perfect makeup and sparkling lashes were hiding behind her long dyed hair. While adjusting her fringe at times, she stood on her own with her small white canvas shoes.

With an innocent yet cold look, she was trying hard to be much older than she actually is. Together with her sophisticated clean faced classic leather watch she held him, and not in a needing way.

I don’t know who they are but can clearly see them embracing a new life together, giving all they possibly can for this world they are in and facing their challenges head on.

That reminded me how going to work every morning should be like. With confidence, positivity and style.

Beauty my vice

You are too distracting.
I’ll stop to take a look. Then turn back for a second look.
I’ll stop to smile and soak in the feels.

You are too correct.
The lines. The curves. The diagonals.
The colours. The smells. The timing and pace.
Simply nothing I want changed.

There you are and then you’re gone.
I thought I saw you, but I did not.
At least I saw you in my mind even if I did not.

Why are you so seldom.
Never around enough.
Yet appearing when I’ve no time for you.
Just a little beyond reach.

Beauty my vice.