Sundown Marathon 2017

Use this "SDM2017NICK10" Promocode now!
Use this “SDM2017NICK10” Promocode now at

I got invited to partner with Sundown Marathon as a Sundown With Love Ambassador and I’m fund raising for IJHCC (IJ Homes and Children’s Centres). Here is an excerpt for those who don’t know of this cause.

Right from the time the school was first opened, babies were left abandoned at its gate (fondly known as the ‘Gate of Hope’) in Victoria Street (where the current CHIJMES is located). Ever since then, the IJ Sisters founded a service to care for these abandoned and at-risk children.

Over the years, this service evolved with the changing needs of the social landscape of Singapore. While the residential care for children continued, day care service such as learning support/out-of-school hours care programmes, Sounds of Providence (music, dance and speech) programme, Headstart programme for pre-schoolers, were offered alongside.

Today, the IJ Sisters, together with the lay partners, remain called to the service of the poor.

All my 3 daughters are in CHIJ schools and even my sister is from CHIJ schools too + being a father, it is unthinkable for me to know that babies are being abandoned so I’m fundraising for IJHCC. All kids should have their childhood and have an equal chance in life.

So donate generously this year end festive period and support this very meaningful non-profit.

Since Sundown with Love is an initiative by Sundown Marathon, I’m also going to be running 10km to support this cause. Come join me by registering with promocode “SDM2017NICK10” at

I’m also accompanied by fellow daddy bloggers Isaiah Kuan (J Babies’ Dad) who is running the half 21km and Andy Lee (Sengkang Babies) who is running the full 42km. I salute them and am will also be rooting for them.

I did a short interview with them and you can check it out originally at

I have loved running since secondary school, and always asked my PE teacher if the class will run 2.4km at every lesson. Recently I gave myself a challenge to run 5km for 30 days straight, and although I almost gave up half way, I managed to conquer it with encouragement from friends over social media.

I started blogging since 2000 and am part of the Daddy Matters network of Daddy bloggers advocating active fatherhood. I married my childhood sweetheart, and we have three daughters together. When not running or parenting, I work as a Digital Strategist at a global marketing agency and have been online since owning my first modem in 1995.

It’s the first time you’re coming on board as our Sundown With Love ambassador. Tell us more about yourself!

I’m a family guy and I like to believe I’m a fun daddy / friend to my three daughters. I have many interests ranging from Extreme Sports to Lindy Hop, EDM to Jazz, Calligraphy to Photography, Science Fiction to Online Culture and many more.

In the day I work as a digital strategist at a global marketing agency. I have been super active online since 1995 when I got my first modem.

How do you get your family and kids involved in running?

My eldest daughter Clié is a sprinter with explosive power, while my second daughter Cleo has stamina and is more of a distance runner. Sometimes they join me on my runs. With my wife, we walk around our neighbourhood after dinner or on Saturday mornings. Living in Punggol also means we are blessed with Punggol Waterway.

You participated in Sundown Marathon previously. How was your experience like?

My last Sundown was actually in 2013. With my hectic work schedule and parenting commitments, I can only run casually and have not been joining many organised runs. I’m glad to be part of OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017.

Which category will you be participating in OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017?

I will be running 10km, alongside the many other Singaporeans who bow down in respect to those who can do half and full marathons.

What will be your goal at OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017?

I’ve always done 52mins to 55mins for 10km, and hope I can go under 50mins this time. I’ve been training for it, so I hope I can break my personal best.

What advice would you give someone who is participating in Sundown Marathon for the first time?

Running at night is really comfortable and there is no need for sunglasses, so that is already an advantage. But in all seriousness, if you’ve not been running at all or have not been running for a very long time, do train a bit to get your body slightly more conditioned for the run so that you will have a safe and injury free run.

Get wireless headphones and start building your favourite music playlist for running.

How do you divide your time between blogging, family, and ensuring you lead a healthy lifestyle?

Having no time is very real when you have to juggle work, family and exercise. I really think it is all about your mind set. If you decide to do something, you should make time to do it. I do however have certain timeslots in the week for some activities. For example, free evenings are set for blogging; and nights and weekends are dedicated as family time. For runs, I usually run before dinner or after everyone has gone to bed on weekdays, and on weekends at Sunrise.

What tips can you provide dads who are considering on participating in OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017, but have yet to sign up?

As a dad myself, I think it is a responsibility to exercise and stay healthy for my family, so regular exercise is necessary. If you have not signed up, ask a few friends to join you. You are also welcomed to join me and a few fellow daddy bloggers for OSIM Sundown Marathon 2017. Andy Lee will be running 42km for the first time, Isaiah Kuan will be running 21km and I’ll be running 10km, feel free to join any one of us.

What’s your favourite food and why?

BEEF, CHEESE and WINE. I have one too many of these session with my friends at home and I’m looking forward to the next one all the time. It’s not just good food, but also great company.

How does the theme ‘Sleep Can Wait’ resonate with you, and why?

From young, I’ve always seen my mom sleep late and she never insisted that we sleep early. She thinks sleeping is a waste of time, but what she really means is that there is so much we can do in life that sleep almost feels like wasting time. I agree with her. I sleep because it is needed, and if I had a choice, I would rather stay up and do stuff or wake up early to go for a run.

So indeed, sleep can wait.

Building Confidence In Your Craft


The advertising agency sector is facing a talent crisis. A joint report by LinkedIn and 4A’s showed that when compared against competitive industries, the rate of talent turnover at agencies increased 10 per cent year over year, and that there was a 25% net talent loss at ad agencies.

To add to the challenge, ad agencies today operate in a complex advertising landscape, faced with an expanding number of marketing channels. As a result, brands are on the lookout for multiple specialised agencies to help them demystify these complexities – and yet every other agency claims to be full-service, integrated – that they can do it all.

If you are a young executive from an ad agency, are you confident to stand in front of your clients and be the one they can trust, having all the answers to their questions? I’ve seen many young executives in meetings with senior clients and they struggle. They feel they are too junior; they feel intimidated by senior clients. They feel they lack the gravitas. What if they are asked a difficult question and don’t have the answer for it? What if clients don’t believe what they say? What if they are not a good representation of the company? These are just a handful of common apprehensions.

All these fears are very real, and can be crippling for an individual’s professional growth. As marketing folks, we don’t just need to be good at what we do, we also need to be confident in our craft and we need our teams to be confident, too.

We need to be the ones leading the client-agency relationship. After all, clients hired agencies to help solve their challenges. Clients know what they would like to achieve, but rely on their agencies to develop the strategies and guide them into achieving their goals – failing which, the business will be taken to other agencies that will.

We need to be confident in front of our clients if we want to lead the relationship and be a valuable partner. So here are a few things that we can encourage our teams to do to be confident in our craft:

1. Know your stuff

Unsure of something? Read up, Google it, ask around. There is no excuse in not knowing your stuff. If you know your stuff, you can be questioned in anyway and you know you will have the answers.

Do this:

  • Create a learning plan. List out the things you feel you need to learn in three, six, nine, twelve months.
  • Have the discipline to learn at least one thing every week.
  • Ask your seniors out for coffee and learn from them. Ask them any questions you may have within their domain of expertise.

2. Be passionate in your craft

Passion is a loosely used word. For the majority of those who say they have passion for their craft, most of the time they are saying it because it is the right thing to say. At interviews, when questioned, some candidates really have nothing to show for their passions and are only paying lip service.If we say we are passionate about our craft, let’s make sure we have something to show for it. If you are passionate, do what it takes and the enthusiasm will speak for itself. This gives your clients confidence in what you say.

Do this:

  • Register a domain and build a small website of anything you like. It can be a blog, a cause you believe in, or simply a portfolio site.
  • Create a Facebook page, LinkedIn group of anything you are interested in and try to get at least 1000 people on it. It can be a hobby, a sport, anything.
  • Download the latest trendy app and work towards being good at it. It can be Snapchat, or BIGO Live.

3. Don’t think you can’t

Sometimes we lack confidence because we think “I can’t overcome this challenge, it’s just too great.” Instead of harboring second thoughts, focus your energies on thinking of “How can I?” That is a lot more productive and sets you on a path to overcome your challenges, so don’t think “I can’t.”, think “How can I?”

Do this:

  • List out your top career challenge and think of 3 ways of how you can overcome it, then do it. Once you have overcome your top challenge, start working on your next one.

4. Everyone is your age once

Senior clients can be intimidating, but most of the time the only reason they are more senior then you is simply because they were born earlier. They were once your age too. So make sure you are above par when compared with your peers. If you are behind, start becoming better now. Tell yourself that you will be much better than them when at their age. And don’t just think it, do it.

Do this:

  • For each client whom you find intimidating, search their profile on LinkedIn and then make a comparison with what they were doing when they were your age.

In short, we need more driven individuals.People who strive to better understand the client’s business. People who want to try out the latest app that everyone seems to be talking about. People who constantly go out of their comfort zone to learn more about how things work. People who are working towards bringing their client’s brands to meet their stated brand purpose.

In advertising, our people are our greatest asset. Just imagine what a few confident and driven people can do.

Contributed article by Nick Pan originally published on Digital Marketing Asia.

OCBC Cycle Daddy Matters edition 2016

seven early eight early
seven early eight early

2016 edition of OCBC Cycle for me was a great one. This time it was with fellow daddies of Daddy Matters; Andy, Winston, David and myself.


We actually met at 5:30am at Meyer Road where my parents live to park our cars there to avoid the jams and meeting at 5:30am is not something we do normally obviously. *yawn* We cycled thru Meyer Rd, Tanjong Rhu and made our way to the starting point. It’s cool to see others slowly emerging from small roads everywhere as we all made our way to the starting point while greeting each other good morning.

Wefie at flag off
Wefie at flag off

WE ARE in WAVE #1. Woo Hoo! Getting all excited even before the flag off. The MC cracked jokes with SFX super on cue and with all the upbeat music, the crowd slowly changed from YAWN to YEAH. Drone flying past at the top, we all waved and got started slowly.

OCBC Cycle 2016 Route
OCBC Cycle 2016 Route

We cycled thru parts of the city, thru parts of the MCE, up the Shears Bridge, ECP, up the Shear Bridge (AGAIN?!) then back into Nicole Hwy and into the Stadium. Nice leasuirely ride this morning.

Daddies acting stylo
Daddies acting stylo

Selfie point #1 we had to take shots for sure and this was us trying to act all stylo and all. Not much chance to be on the bridge. Thanks to this event we could do our monkey business on the bridge.

I remember when were were much younger, my cousins and some of our school friends will cycle up the Shears Bridge in the night an pee down hoping to hit some ships passing by. LOL. Yes childhood days were epic.

Ok selfie point we must selfie. #OCBCCycle #DaddyMatters with @blgfthr @sengkangbabies @doting_dad

A video posted by Nick Pan (@nickpan) on

This is my #TwirlingSelfie. Please copy and make famous.

Not so hot with the overcast
Not so hot with the overcast

Lucky for us, most of the morning was kinda overcast, so it’s not so hot. Swee swee kena this weather is sepads.

I don’t even know how long we took as my mind was just filled with the prata that will come after.

OCBC Uncles are too hard to resist
OCBC Uncles are too hard to resist

While on our way to prata, there were some “concessionaires” (TIL concessionaire) so while we were getting said concessionaires, one thing led to another and somehow we got into a group photo with the kind ladies that were giving us said concessionaires. Right Winston? That is the truth right?

Medal Mouth
Medal Mouth

We also took some pro medal shots. My friends this is how you do medal shots ok. Pls learn. Please copy and make famous. #MedalMouth.

Prata FTW
Prata FTW

AHHhhh… Finally, the prize. The true prize of a good workout in the morning together with fellow well bellied daddies. We had 5 Plain, 3 Plasters, 1 Egg in total… very mild.

This year’s event is really smooth. The safety crew were everywhere telling people to slowdown and beeping their whistles while using hand gesture to remind people to slow down. I can imagine some of their arms should be quite tired right now.

A morning filled with friendship, jokes, exercise and prata. Thanks to OCBCCycle for making this possible. Till next year.

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